WOSU News Archives For: January 28, 2014

Storify: “Generation” Of Columbus School Students Left Behind

28, 2014

Ohio Auditor Dave Yost presented the findings of an 18-month investigation into a student record scrubbing scandal within Columbus City Schools. The results of the investigation could lead to possible criminal charges.

Columbus Superintendent Responds To Audit With 17-Step Plan

Columbus Superintendent Dan Good
28, 2014

Following the release of the audit of Columbus City Schools, superintendent Dan Good wrote a letter to Auditor Dave Yost, outlining 17 steps the district would be taking to prevent another data-rigging scandal.

Auditor’s Report Slams Record Keeping Practices, Former Data Czar

State Auditor Dave Yost began his Tuesday presentation with a graphic of a rotten apple, an apparent play on the Columbus City Schools logo.
January 28, 2014

Ohio Auditor Dave Yost says he’s sending the results of his investigation into Columbus City Schools to county, state and federal prosecutors for possible criminal charges.

Proposal Would Let Ohio Hunters Use Silencers

Silencers, or noise suppressors, are best known for being fixed to pistols, but they're also made for shotguns and rifles.
28, 2014

It’s legal for Ohioans to own suppressors, commonly known as silencers, for their firearms. But it’s illegal to use one while hunting in Ohio. Now there’s a bill to change that.