Sen. Portman Would Change Gov’t. Assistance For The Unemployed

Sen. Rob Portman, (R-Oh)
Sen. Rob Portman, (R-Oh)

Ohio’s Republican U.S. Senator says changes need to be made in how government assists the unemployed. Rob Portman said today that such changes would provide practical skills that will help get the economy moving.

“I think this is urgent,” Portman says. “I think our country’s in trouble in a number of respects and one is these record numbers of long-term unemployed. We’ve never had this many long-term unemployed. That means over 27 weeks – over six months – of long-term unemployed.”

On Tuesday Portman joined other Republicans in a successful filibuster of a Senate bill that would have extended unemployment benefits. That fillibuster effectively killed the legislation.

Portman said earlier this month that improving the economy is the key to reducing unemployment.

  • John Fugazzie
  • Lena

    Senator Portman’s last comment is backwards. Reducing unemployment is the key to improving the economy.

    Unemployment benefits aren’t enough to live on. Most long-term unemployed workers would much rather be working than collecting benefits, and the expiration of benefits after 12/28/2013 have made a very difficult situation a dire emergency. The reinstatement of EUC benefits is what’s needed immediately.

    The long-term unemployed are stigmatized, and companies are averse to hiring them. Hiring managers & recruiters claim that job skills erode the longer a worker is unemployed, & when a worker accepts a position paying less than positions they are qualified for, they continue searching for a better job & quit after just a few weeks. They are definitely not engaged employees, since one foot is out the door. It costs a lot to onboard new employees, & can take several weeks to several months to train them.

    What’s needed next are incentives for companies to hire unemployed workers, to help offset the onboarding & training costs. Making it more attractive for a company to hire an equally qualified long-term unemployed candidate over employed candidates is the solution to growing the size of the the workforce, reducing the unemployment rate for reasons other than workers giving-up on the job search, and improving the economy. This is a win-win situation for ALL Americans!

  • Davy

    Unfortunately, we in Ohio have learned not to expect much more from Mr. Portman.