Deadline Looms For Gulf War Bonuses

A memorial honors veterans of the first Gulf War in late 1990 and early 1991.(Photo: Flickr)
A memorial honors veterans of the first Gulf War in late 1990 and early 1991.(Photo: Flickr)

The state is urging Ohio veterans who served during the first Gulf war to apply for a bonus before a year-end deadline.

Veterans of the Persian Gulf War that ran Aug. 2, 1990 to March 3, 1991, are eligible for a one-time state bonus of up to $1,000.

Vets who served anywhere else in the world during that time are eligible for a bonus of up to $500.

Family members of veterans killed in action during the Gulf War are eligible for bonuses of up to $6,500.

Voters approved the Ohio Veterans Bonus four years ago, resuming a tradition dating to the Civil War of rewarding state vets’ service.

  • ABE12

    Read THE historians’ history, fella’ & sista’ vets! It commenced with Mr. Lincoln’s Civil War To Save The Union – United States of America and
    U.S. Constitution. The Bush I-Cheney-Powell-Inc. Gulf War was a
    manufactured, staged theatrical production purposely shielded from
    media/public scrutiny, while altogether touted and celebrated forevermore
    as a “just cause” for Democracy in the Middle East. To the point:
    The Bush I-Cheney-Powell-Inc. lives-for-oil-military-axis assert to this
    day still that America SAVED Kuwait and Qatar (both Monarchies) for
    Democracy [add others, as you will]!?! This history IS repeated over and over, and over again—and includes same ideological mindset, characters, institutions/organizations/players/insiders… Always, in the end, the people lose, and die in-mass; those who fight their manufactured conflicts and wars, and the men, women & children who inhabit the lands destroyed and devastated by our military industrial apparatus.

    Do you really believe that this recent nickel-dime patriotic, feel-good legislation truly rewards ‘Gulf War’ Vets (or any Vet, for that matter)?
    Reject it it writing, and explain why.