Grand Jury Indicts DNA Profile To Avoid Statute Of Limitations

File photo(Photo: File photo)
File photo(Photo: File photo)

A Franklin County grand jury has indicted someone without knowing their name.

The county prosecutor’s office announced Tuesday that jurors have indicted John Doe for a 1994 rape in order to prevent the 20-year statute of limitations from expiring.

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien says a DNA profile has been obtained and saved, and if a suspect is identified the indictment will be amended to include the person’s name.

O’Brien says Ohio courts have updeld the use of “John Doe indictments.”

  • Aliyah

    Wow, so effectively there is no statute of limitations on a case where there is DNA evidence. That’s great. Seems like a complicated issue which will be fought tooth and nail by the defense? but it’s wonderful they can do this here in our state.