OSU Fired Two Cheerleading Coaches For Sexual Harassment

File photo(Photo: Ohio State University)
File photo(Photo: Ohio State University)

A new analysis of Ohio State University records shows two cheerleading coaches were fired earlier this year after being accused of sexual harassment.

Eddie Hollins and Dana Humbrey were let go after an investigation showed what OSU calls sufficient evidence of harassment.

An attorney for one of the accusers tells the Columbus Dispatch that his client received several sexually-charged messages after telling Hollins he was gay. The same cheerleaders says he was kicked off the team after complaining to OSU administrators.

  • Aliyah

    What a confusing article. You might want to have an editor proofread your work. That last sentence just doesn’t make any sense. Who knows what facts you were trying to set forth…did the cheerleader get kicked off the team as well as the coach getting fired? Or did the coach just get fired?