WOSU News Archives For: November 12, 2013

Preservationists Hope To Save Stones from Historic House

hutchinson house
Members of the Upper Arlington Historical Society are trying to save this 192 year old house before it's demolished Friday.
November 12, 2013

The Upper Arlington Historical Society hopes at least to save the stone from a nearly 200-year-old house slated for demolition this week.

Activists, Academics To Host Forum On “Fracking” Waste

The Tuesday night forum begins at 7 pm at the main branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.
November 12, 2013

Academics and activists will gather in Columbus tonight for a forum on what they call the dangerous practice of storing radioactive drilling water in Ohio landfills.

United Steelworkers Ad Criticizes Kasich For Letting Plant Close

The ad features former plant employees criticizing the governor for not doing more to save some 1,000 jobs.
12, 2013

A new ad from the United Steelworkers’ “Save Ohio Jobs” campaign is taking aim at Gov. John Kasich.

Ohio Pot Seizures Down In 2013

Removal of the illegal plants came at the hands of sheriff's deputies in multiple counties, with support from agents from the Ohio Attorney General's Bureau of Criminal Investigation.
12, 2013

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration reports that authorities found more than 20,470 plants during the summer growing season in Ohio. That’s a 76 percent decline from 2010, when authorities seized a record 84,660 plants in the annual effort.

Overhauled Ramps Should Ease Downtown Commute

Traffic around the I-71/I-670 interchange often slowed to a crawl with many on-ramps and off-ramps closed for two years. The ramps reopened on Monday.
12, 2013

Aside from an overnight snow, the commute into downtown Columbus should be easier Tuesday morning with the reopening of several on-ramps and off-ramps.