Historical Upper Arlington Home May Still Be Saved

Members of the Upper Arlington Historical Society have a few more days to save an old stone structure on Riverside Drive dubbed the Hutchinson House, before a developer tears it down for an apartment complex.

Society members want to save the little, two room house and move it to another location. Preferred Living, the developer has agreed to delay any demolition on the house until next Friday.

Executive Director of the Upper Arlington Historical Society Kate Kallmes explains the home’s history.

“It was started in 1821 by a veteran of the Revolutionary War and it has some of the oldest stone structure still in existence in this part of the state.”

Kallmes says the historical society hopes to move the old home to a park in Upper Arlington.

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  • bill smitson

    Just a local variety of lazy journalism. Too lazy to provide an address. Too lazy to provide a picture. Could be stupidity.

  • Matthew McGrath

    Quite disheartening to hear that such a historic home is going to be replaced with McCondos. I live in UA, and this is actually the first I have heard of this. If I had known anything about this before, I would have pitched in to save the home. At the very least, I plan to check it out after work today, before another piece of our community disappears forever.

    For those too lazy to use google there’s a picture on the dispatch story: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2013/11/08/192-year-old-house-may-be-razed-by-developers.html