WOSU News Archives For: November 6, 2013

Hit-Skip Driver Indicted in Car-Bike Collision

Columbus Dispatch business reporter Steve Wartenberg is an avid cyclist and runs the "Best Bike Blog Ever."
November 6, 2013

The man who hit a Columbus Dispatch business reporter while he rode his bike in Upper Arlington Sunday has been indicted for vehicular assault and failure to stop after an accident.

Delaware County Voters Approve Outlet Mall By 25 Votes

The mall is planned for the area between Delaware and Sunbury.
6, 2013

Construction crews are expected to soon break ground on a new outlet mall north of Columbus after voters in Burkshire Township narrowly approved the development on Tuesday.

Protesters Honor “Guy Fawkes Day” At Ohio Statehouse

About 30 members of the group put on their masks and walked around downtown Columbus to commemorate "Guy Fawkes Day."
6, 2013

A group of protesters took advantage of the British holiday to protest corporate greed, overly aggressive laws, and unfair treatment by courts.

Supreme Court To Hear Arguments Over JobsOhio

File photo
November 6, 2013

JobsOhio comes before the Ohio Supreme Court Wednesday, as a group of liberal and conservative activists make their arguments against lawyers for the job creation program and Gov. John Kasich.

Columbus Voters Reject Levy To Fund Proposed School Reforms

Coleman At Hilton
Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman tells reporters that voter lack of trust in Columbus schools doomed vote to fund a package of reforms developed by a commission he appointed.
6, 2013

Proponents of school reform in Columbus spent more than two-million dollars in a bid to pass a 24% property tax increase and hire an independent auditor. But, district voters overwhelmingly rejected funding for the plan by more than a two-to-one margin..