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Live Blog: Columbus School Voters Loudly Say ‘No” To Levy

The polls are now closed in Ohio.
5, 2013

With nearly two-thirds of the vote counted Columbus School District voters are saying an unqualified no to higher property taxes and school leaders’ reform plans.

Ohio Gets $52.7 Million Share Of Drug Settlement

Pharmacy Sign_11_05_13
Ohio's Medicaid program receives a multi-million dollar share of a national settlement with Johnson & Johnson.
5, 2013

Ohio’s Medicaid program will receive $52.7 million through a national settlement with a pharmaceutical company. The $2.2 billion settlement announced Monday involves Johnson & Johnson, one of its subsidiaries, the federal government and several states.

Tea Party School Board Candidates Could Shape Future Funding

tea_party_ school_board
The Ohio School Board Leadership Council teaches school board candidates how to be more fiscally conservative and cut spending.
5, 2013

When Ohioans go to the polls today, they are likely to vote on school board candidates. And this year, there’s a common theme of fiscal responsibility among some Tea Party candidates in various areas of the state. The outcome of the races could change the future spending in some schools.

Colorado Votes On Tax Request Similar To Rejected Ohio Proposal

File photo
November 5, 2013

Fifteen years after Ohio voters soundly rejected a proposal to fund schools with a state income tax hike, voters in Colorado are considering something similar.