Columbus Detective Indicted On Drug And Gun Charges

File photo(Photo: File photo)
File photo(Photo: File photo)

A Columbus police detective has been indicted on charges that he provided armed security for a man picking up a call full of heroin.

Stevie Billups was arrested in July on charges of attempted distribution of heroin and carrying a gun during a drug-trafficking crime. Billups has been on unpaid leave since his arrest.

Investigators say Billups met a suspected drug dealer several times at Hollywood Casino Columbus. The drug suspect was later arrested, and prosecutors say he let police listen in on a call where Billups agreed to take $5,000 in exchange for protection in a drug payment and a drug pickup.

Billups was arrested after the second incident.

Billups’ attorney claimed shortly after the July arrest that his client has a gambling problem and was a victim of entrapment.