Senate Takes Up Red Light Camera Ban

Traffic cameras brought in $16 million in just over a dozen Ohio cities last year.(Photo: Flickr)
Traffic cameras brought in $16 million in just over a dozen Ohio cities last year.(Photo: Flickr)

The Ohio Senate has begun considering a measure that would ban authorities from using cameras to determine whether drivers run red lights or violate speed limits.

The Senate started its hearings Tuesday. The House passed the measure in June.

It would allow the cameras only in 20-mph school zones if a law enforcement officer is on hand.

Some police and city officials say the cameras improve safety and traffic-monitoring efficiency. But camera opponents allege the devices are used to raise funds and say the bill could help end such abuse.

A case involving a southwest Ohio village has boosted the push for a statewide ban. After a speeding ticket blitz, a judge blocked Elmwood Place from using the cameras to catch speeders. The village has appealed.

  • SSJwiggy

    People for this ban are those that can’t control their driving habits. Don’t run red lights and don’t speed. Seriously, how hard is that?

    • Alfonso

      I am for this ban and have never gotten a moving violation except for the one I got from the red light camera. The real issue is due process, and how the system is designed to extract money, not mete out justice for traffic offenses.

      I was ‘caught’ by a red light camera making a perfectly legal right turn after stopping at a red light. The letter I received was postmarked two days before payment was due. I returned the letter indicating I disagreed with the charges and would be contesting them. I filled out the return form incorrectly (apparently?) and the letter I got back indicated that my payment was past due and because it was past due I could no longer plead not guilty to the traffic offense and had to pay the fine plus a late charge. It has nothing to do with making the streets safer and everything to do with trying to make municipal ends meet.

  • Brandt Hardin

    Traffic cameras are just another form of Policing for Profit as Capitalism distorts our Justice System. These companies are bottom-feeders and take a 40% cut of the tickets while creating MORE dangerous intersections by fixing the lengths of yellow lights to entrap drivers. You can read about how private companies and crooked politicians have turned our Police forces on their ear in every attempt to squeeze money out of the general public at

    • Matthew Dougherty

      Actually they don’t. Police can not control the yellow time on cabinets. That is strictly under the guidance of the traffic engineering departments at municipalities.

      Under the Ohio Department of Transportation, the Yellow Change Interval shall be 3 to 6 seconds, with a higher value meant for higher speeds.

      Also, to change the yellow interval to raise revenue is illegal, and all changes to interval timing are documented and public record. Which means its a legal liability to do such a thing.

      Do red light camera companies make money, yes, its shear volume for them. Are they used for profit, yes, but that’s because they are cheap, no cop is needed, and THEY WORK!!!

      Also, speed limit is the speed limit, that camera in the village was not set under the posted sign. In actuality of cops wanted to be strict, any body doing a readable 1 mph over the speed limit is in violation, be lucky you get 5-10 mph over.

      Still no matter what, there is an inherent issue with a yellow ball. It does cause a dilemma zone issue. This can not be solved, it can be mitigated. Here’s my advice, when you see yellow, SLOW DOWN!!! Like your suppose to.