WOSU News Archives For: September 26, 2013

Ohio Panel Lays Out Possible Jobs Board Conflicts

The Executive Director of the Ohio Ethics Commission says the findings released today do not imply wrongdoing.
September 26, 2013

Ohio’s ethics agency has warned six of nine directors of Ohio’s fledgling privatized job-creation board that their business interests raise potential conflicts of interest.

OSU’s Interim Prez Not In Active Pursuit Of Permanent Position

Ohio State University's interim president Joseph Alutto
September 26, 2013

Ohio State University’s interim head Joseph Alutto today reiterated that he is not seeking the president’s position permanently

Affordable Care Act Calculator: Crunch The Numbers For You

The Affordable Care Act open enrollment begins on Oct. 1, figure out what this means for you.
September 26, 2013

Use this interactive calculator to figure out premiums on the Affordable Care Act for you and your family.

Action Called In Ohio And Other States With Toxic Algae

Algae at Grand Lake St. Marys
Algae-saturated water at Grand Lake St. Marys in 2010
26, 2013

An environmental group is calling for national policymakers to take action after a report shows significant increase in toxic algae. Ohio is on the list of states experiencing problems.

Gay Marriage Lawsuit Expanded In Ohio

A federal judge in Ohio has been asked to expand a federal lawsuit involving gay marriage
September 26, 2013

A lawsuit seeking to have the marriages of two gay couples recognized on death certificates has been expanded to include all similarly situated couples in Ohio, despite a statewide gay marriage ban.