WOSU News Archives For: September 13, 2013

Columbus Deputy Chief To Head Cincinnati Police

A Columbus police deputy chief has been chosen to lead Cincinnati's department.
September 13, 2013

A Columbus police deputy chief has been chosen to lead Cincinnati’s department.

Resigning Ohio EPA Official Leaves Job

George Elmaraghy has been with the Ohio EPA for 39 years. He said he was forced to resign because of pressure from the coal industry.
September 13, 2013

A veteran Ohio environmental regulator fighting what he says was a forced resignation by the administration of Republican Gov. John Kasich has left state service.

Public Records Access Lags In Some Ohio Offices

File photo
13, 2013

Ohio’s auditor says a review of 20 counties and cities in the state showed weaknesses in their public records policies and procedures.

Ohio Baseball Fans Stand In Line To Get Reds Batboy’s Autograph

Teddy Kremer Reds Dugout
Honorary Cincinnati Reds batboy, Teddy Kremer visits Todd Frazier in Reds dugout.
September 13, 2013

Baseball fans in Ohio can still reasonably dream of an I-71 World Series. Both the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds are in the thick of pennant races. But an honorary batboy for the Reds with Down’s Syndrome, Teddy Kremer, is also getting major league attention.