WOSU News Archives For: September 5, 2013

Ohio Statehouse Event Honoring Ex-Gov. Gilligan

Former Ohio Governor John J. Gilligan was honored at the Statehouse today. The Democrat died last week at his home in Cincinnati at the age of 92.
September 5, 2013

State lawmakers, governors and officials are celebrating the life of former Ohio governor John J. Gilligan as a man committed to his state.

State Republican Lawmakers Call For Federal Balanced Budget

Republican lawmakers call for a federal balanced budget amendment.
5, 2013

A group of Republican state lawmakers are joining the call for a federal balanced budget amendment. House leaders are pushing their colleagues to pass a resolution for a federal balanced budget amendment convention.

Medicaid Expansion Plan “B” Includes Ohio Voters

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Ohio Medicaid expansion is tied up in political fight.
5, 2013

Backers of Medicaid expansion are taking their fight to a new level. Those who want the state to extend health care coverage to low income Ohioans are preparing for a ballot issue if necessary.