Ousted Ohio EPA Watchdog Will Fight To Keep Job

An OHIO EPA watchdog rescinds his resignation.(Photo: Ohio EPA)
An OHIO EPA watchdog rescinds his resignation.(Photo: Ohio EPA)

A veteran Ohio environmental regulator who said the administration of Republican Gov. John Kasich is forcing him to resign after pressure from the coal industry is fighting to keep his job.

George Elmaraghy has run the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s Division of Surface Water since June 2005. He authored an email widely distributed earlier this week that said his resignation Sept. 13 comes after “considerable pressure” his division faced to accommodate the coal industry.

Elmaraghy informed Ohio EPA Director Scott Nally in a new email Thursday that he didn’t want to retire and was withdrawing his resignation. EPA emails provided to The Associated Press show Nally has denied Elmaraghy’s request to stay on.

Elmaraghy has hired a lawyer. He has worked at the Ohio EPA for 39 years.

  • Riot

    George is a good guy, and stands up to corporations and the coal industry while allowing businesses that want to legitimately, legally, operate to do so. The coal industry has been fighting OEPA for years to do things like impound Captina Creek and turn it into a slurry pond, etc. I’m not surprised that Kasich and Nally are forcing George out. Nally has been overheard to tell coal execs that he’s “on their side” and to attend coal industry dinners on the industry’s dime. It’s a far cry from the $20/year limit that State workers had imposed on them under the previous administration’s ethics rules. One of the first things Kasich did was throw the ethics rules out the window.