WOSU News Archives For: August 19, 2013

Ohio Democrat Leader: Kasich Ethics Question Unresolved

State democrats say an Ohio Ethics Commission investigation left unanswered questions regarding Gov. John Kasich's involvement with state tax credits received by Worthington Industries, a company on which he held a board member position.
19, 2013

The Ohio House’s leading Democrat said the state ethics panel’s dismissal Thursday of complaints involving Republican Gov. John Kasich and his privatized economic development office left unanswered ethical questions.

Welfare Work Study Sparks Policy Debate

Ohio has 130,000 welfare recipients. A new study questions whether welfare discourages recipients from looking for work.
19, 2013

A report from a conservative think tank says welfare benefits are so generous that they’re keeping recipients from seeking out work. But, advocates are blasting that as unfair, incomplete and wrong.

Columbus Levy Campaign Begins With TV Ads Claiming Schools “Failing”

19, 2013

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman today launched the school district’s levy campaign by saying, “recently our schools have failed us.” After a scandal plagued year which included the departure of the district’s superintendent, school leaders may have no other choice.

Researcher: “Locally Grown” Label Sows Consumer Confusion

Supermarket display touts "locally grown" produce. But, there is no criteria for the designation.
19, 2013

This time of year, some Columbus grocery store signs in the produce section tout “locally grown” products like sweet corn or potatoes. But the “locally grown” label can mean different things to consumers and retailers.

Bill Would Ban “Zero Tolerance” Policies In Ohio Schools

File photo
19, 2013

A Democratic state lawmaker is pushing a bill that would ban the policies that critics say lead to harsh punishments and don’t leave room for common sense.