WOSU News Archives For: August 8, 2013

Man Who Held 3 Captive In Ohio Moved To Orient

Ariel Castro
Ariel Castro was moved earlier this week to the Correctional Reception Center in Orient.
8, 2013

The man who held three women captive in his Cleveland home for 10 years is being held at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient, south of Columbus.

OSU: QB Miller Didn’t Profit From Memorabilia Sales

Athletic director Gene Smith said Wednesday the university talked to Miller after someone offered autographs and signed memorabilia for sale online without the junior's knowledge.
August 8, 2013

Ohio State has determined star quarterback Braxton Miller did not profit from the sale of items he had signed at a Big Ten preseason kickoff luncheon.

PUCO Rules FirstEnergy Overcharged Customers $43 Million

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio ruled FirstEnergy overcharged customer $43.3 million. FirstEnergy says it will appeal the ruling.
8, 2013

After a week long delay, state regulators have issued a decision on whether FirstEnergy overcharged its 2 million customers for credits it bought to comply with a state law requiring electric utilities get 22 percent of their power from renewable resources by 2025.

Food Assistance Recipients Brace For Cuts

Gail Kirk
Gail Kirk (foreground) waits for her number to be called. Kirk is at the Lutheran Food Pantry on S. Champion Ave. Kirk is one of thousands of Ohioans who will see a cut in food assistance this fall.
8, 2013

Ohioans who receive food stamps can expect fewer dollars this fall. The cuts are a result of the end of a federal program.