WOSU News Archives For: July 22, 2013

Four Buckeyes Face Discipline From Head Coach Urban Meyer

Carlos Hyde and Bradley Roby
Four Buckeyes, including OSU starting cornerback Bradley Roby (left) and OSU starting running back Carlos Hyde (right), have been disciplined by head football coach Urban Meyer.
22, 2013

Four Ohio State football players received public discipline from head football coach Urban Meyer, Monday, for actions over the past weekend and the summer.

OSU To Install And Study ‘Fracking’ Well

The early stages of a waste water well being drilled in Mahoning County.
22, 2013

Ohio State University says its researcher want to install and study a gas well in eastern Ohio to study the process of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

Columbus Superintendent Pushing Out Employees

Dan Good, who recently left the Westerville school district to lead Columbus City Schools, says he's trying to fire or force out employees implicated in an attendance data rigging scandal.
July 22, 2013

Daniel Good, the interim chief of Columbus City Schools, says he’s trying to fire or force out employees implicated in an attendance data rigging scandal.

Man In Custody After Three Bodies Found In East Cleveland

Michael Madison remains in police custody. Charges are expected to be filed Monday.
July 22, 2013

Northeast Ohio is back in the national spotlight again with another possible serial killing.

Ohio State Medical Center Hums With The Help Of Robots

22, 2013

The cavernous basement of Rhodes Hall is described as Grand Central Station for good reason. A swarm of Automatic Guided Vehicles whiz and whir: slide and glide through the hallways powered by nickel cadmium batteries and guided by series of computer-controlled censors installed overhead and in the floor.