WOSU News Archives For: July 19, 2013

Search Begins For Ohio State University President

Battelle head Jeffrey Wadsworth is heading the Ohio State University presidential search committee
19, 2013

A committee convened at Ohio State University for the first time Friday to begin the search for the school’s 15th president.

Ohio Lawmaker Indicted On 16 Felony Charges

peter beck
Mason Republican Peter Beck was indicted Friday on 16 counts of misleading investors. The Republican denies the charges.
19, 2013

An Ohio lawmaker has been indicted on 16 felony charges accusing him of misleading investors about a company’s financial status and misusing their money for personal benefit. His attorney says the accusations are outlandish and shameful.

More Legionnaires Cases Confirmed At Eastside Retirement Home

Wesley Ridge Retirement Community
More cases of Legionnaires disease confirmed at Reynoldsburg retirement home.
July 19, 2013

More cases of Legionnaires disease have been identified at an eastside retirement home in Franklin County, where two people have died. The Centers for Disease Control is investigating.

Ohio Job Growth Stalls In June

Ohio job growth stalled last month according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
19, 2013

Officials say Ohio’s unemployment rate rose to 7.2 % in June with a loss of 12,500 jobs, the second largest of any state that month.