In Wake Of Trayvon Martin Verdict Local NAACP Plans Action

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Protest prior to verdict(Photo: flickr)
Protest prior to verdict(Photo: flickr)

A Columbus NAACP official says there’s grief and disbelief at the group’s national convention in Orlando. Reactions came after a Florida jury found George Zimmerman not guilty in the Trayvon Martin shooting death. The organization plans to take action to prevent another killing.

Columbus NAACP president Noel Williams was disappointed by the jury’s not guilty verdict.

“It just does not make sense. It’s scary for all of us, because this was a human’s life taken and there was no justice for this family,” says Williams.

Williams says the Stand Your Ground Laws in more than two dozen states need to be changed. Ohio has no such law, but Williams says she’ll work to get more Central Ohioans involved in the NAACP to elect lawmakers who will fight for better legislation.

“Our laws are not in line with what is human what is moral and what is just,” Williams says.

Williams adds the local NAACP plans to organize a march with local churches who oppose the Zimmerman decision and want laws that protect all citizens.

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