WOSU News Archives For: July 10, 2013

Big Walnut’s Waters Continue To Rise, Threatening Neighborhood

The waters of Big Walnut Creek have flooded Maudie McCorkle's backyard in the Gould Park neighborhood of northeast Columbus
10, 2013

Waters continue to rise on the northeast side of Columbus as Big Walnut Creek overflows its banks in a few areas.

Ohio State Renovates New Offices For Former President Gee

Former OSU president Gordon Gee at campus event
10, 2013

Ohio State University says it will spend $190,000 to renovate new offices for former president Gordon Gee.
Gee left the president’s office on the other side of the campus oval on July 1st after some of his remarks demeaning catholics and other college athletic conferences were published.

Research: Ohio Easily Absorbs New Oil And Gas Workers

marcellus utica shale
Shaded areas show the extent of Ohio's deep shale fields where geologists say natural gas and oil is trapped.
July 10, 2013

Fears of housing shortage in shale regions fails to materialize as energy companies began drilling in Ohio’s Marcellus and Utica oil and gas fields.

Kasich, Democrats Rally For Medicaid Expansion

photo (9)
Hundreds of supporters of expanding Ohio's Medicaid program gathered inside the Statehouse on Tuesday.
10, 2013

Governor John Kasich continues to side with Democrats and their allies over expanding Ohio’s Medicaid program. But some lawmakers who side with the governor are losing patience and think he could do more.