WOSU News Archives For: June 27, 2013

Budget Clears House, Heads To Governor For Signature

Republicans in the Ohio Senate pass a $62 billion state budget that revamps school spending, cuts personal income taxes and add abortion restrictions.
27, 2013

A state budget that revamps Ohio’s school funding system, cuts personal income taxes and adds new abortion restrictions has cleared both chambers of the legislature.

Sen. Rob Portman Glad Same Sex Marriage Left To States

U.S. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio supports the court ruling against the federal D.O.M.A. and wants to see Ohio ban on gay marriage end.
June 27, 2013

Ohio’s Junior U.S. Senator Rob Portman supports the U.S. Supreme Court decision against the federal Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA. Portman says while he would have preferred Congress repeal DOMA he supports gay marriage.

State Considers “Certifying” Farmers To Cut Algae Blooms

File photo
27, 2013

Algae blooms are a big problem on Ohio’s lakes: they’re toxic and can have a big impact on tourism. Now state lawmakers are looking at “certifying” farmers as one way to tone it down.

COTA Ridership Falling In 2013

COTA was considered the country's fastest-growing transit agency in 2011 with 18.8 million rides.
27, 2013

Officials at the bus agency are trying to figure out why ridership has dropped 2.5 percent through the first five months of the year.

Democrats Back “Pro-Life” Gun Proposal

The proposal would commission a study on gun-related injuries, and require gun vendors to give a copy of the study to all gun buyers.
27, 2013

Two Democratic state representatives are proposing a bill they call tongue-in-cheek criticism of recent Republican-backed provisions on abortion.

Traffic Camera Ban Heads To State Senate

Supporters of the cameras say they make roadways safer and save lives. Critics often call them invasive and money-making tools for municipalities.
27, 2013

A statewide ban on traffic cameras is a step closer to reality, after passing the Ohio House on a bipartisan vote Wednesday.