WOSU News Archives For: June 13, 2013

Battelle Seeks To Boost STEM Learning Through Grants

School Books Stacked
Can STEM learning be taught through instruction in the arts?
13, 2013

Battelle today announced that it has awarded $460,000 to several central Ohio organizations that teach young people primarily about the arts. The goal is to engage students to learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – STEM – by using different methods.

Coleman Quiet On Reports Of Downtown Overhaul

Under the reported plan, Veterans Memorial would be demolished and replaced with an arts center. The city also reportedly wants to build a zoo attraction in the area south of COSI.
13, 2013

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman says reports of the city plans to demolish Veterans Memorial and replace it with a zoo attraction and art center are “only a flavor” of what might happen.

Bill Would Increase Access To Overdose Antidote

Rep. State Representative Terry Johnson, who is also a doctor, wants to incease access to a drug that reverses the effects of opiate overdoses.
13, 2013

Ohio has an opiate problem. Statistics from the Ohio Department of Health show the number of people dying from drug overdoses increased 440 percent from 1999 to 2011. Now there’s bipartisan support for a bill in the state legislature that would try to reduce drug deaths.

Unexpected Debate Raises Concerns About Budget

The conference committee starts its work Thursday – the budget needs to be passed by the House and Senate by the end of the month, and there are clearly issues that both sides feel very strongly about.
13, 2013

What is usually a routine vote to send the two versions of the state budget to a committee to meld it into one document turned out to be a lot more political than usual in the Ohio House Wednesday.

Heavy Storms Topple Barns, Leave Thousands Without Power

An official with the Ohio Emergency Management Agency says straight-line winds topping 70 mph were reported overnight.
June 13, 2013

Storms that soaked much of Ohio and damaged trees and barns with high winds are moving out of the state after leaving about 45,000 customers without power.