WOSU News Archives For: June 11, 2013

OH Governor Wants Job Credit For Veterans’ Skills

Governor Kasich wants veterans' training and skills to count toward civilian job licenses and college credits.
11, 2013

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has ordered veterans’ military skills and service be taken into account for civilian job licenses and college credits.

Union: Cleveland Officers Will Appeal Discipline

Scales of Justice
Twelve Cleveland police officers says they will appeal disciplinary actions ranging from dismissal to suspension for their roles in last November's deadly chase through the city.
11, 2013

Appeals are planned by 12 Cleveland police supervisors disciplined for their roles in the chase in which officers fired 137 shots, killing a fleeing driver and his passenger.

Ohio Supreme Court Reinstates Law License For Ex Attorney General

Former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann has regained his license to practice law.
June 11, 2013

Former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann can again practice law in the state, following a six-month suspension related to ethics violations. The Ohio Supreme Court reinstated his law license on Tuesday, saying Dann substantially complied with the court’s six-month order.

Catholic Schools Superintendent Upholds Hale’s Firing

Carla Hale continues her fight for reinstatement to Bishop Watterson High School. Superintendent of schools upheld her termination.
11, 2013

Former Watterson P.E. teacher has two weeks to request arbitration now that the schools superintendent denied her reinstatement.

Deer Crash Into Medical Building On OSU Campus

Deer Clean-up
Two Ohio State University workers sweep glass from broken windows at a medical building on Ackerman road where two deer, a buck and a doe, burst through the plate glass.
11, 2013

Two deer crashed through large plate glass windows today at OSU Medical building. None of the workers in the building was injured.

Bill Would Let Ohio Students Get Credit For Courses On Religion

File photo
11, 2013

There’s a bill in the Ohio legislature that would give public school students credit for taking religious classes. Critics worry about the unintended consequences.

Columbus City Council Approves Food Truck Program

Owners of food trucks complained the program has too many requirements and too few approved parking spaces.
June 11, 2013

The panel has approved a pilot program to let food trucks operate from specified public parking spaces as officials look for a permanent solution.

“Captain America” Filming Ushers In Debate Over Tax Credits

Crews block a downtown Cleveland street during the recent filming of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."
11, 2013

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is trying to ride the coattails of “The Avengers”, part of which was shot in Northeast Ohio two years ago. Along with the car chases and firefights comes renewed debate over Ohio’s film tax credits, without which none of this activity would likely take place in Ohio.

State Officials Ready For Drop In Lottery Profits

The Lottery may be able to branch out, but it will not be able to sell tickets on line, if a provision in the House budget gets through the conference committee.
11, 2013

Lottery sales are down this year, and that came up at a meeting of a panel of lawmakers when lottery officials asked for money to renew the contract with the company hired to operate the lottery.