WOSU News Archives For: June 3, 2013

Columbus Struggles With Food Truck Regulations

Food Truck
Columbus city officials want to regulate the growing number of food trucks operating in the city.
3, 2013

Unhappiness by food truck owners over proposed rules may thwart efforts by Columbus to regulate the fast-growing industry. The city is trying to develop guidelines for the times and places the trucks can operate on public property but are having trouble getting owners to show up for inspections.

Veterans Advocates Want Ohio To Expand Medicaid

national guard
Advocates for the Ohio National Guard say expanding Medicaid in Ohio would provide health care coverage for 26,000 veterans.
3, 2013

Advocates for Ohio’s veterans say expanding Medicaid in the state would make 26,000 Ohio veterans eligible for the health care program.

OSU Presidential Apologies Continue

Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee continues to apologize for offhanded remarks made in December.
3, 2013

Ohio State University president Gordon Gee continues to make apologies for remarks made in December where he slammed Catholics and other college conferences. WOSU has more on Gee’s most recent regrets to a former Wisconsin football coach.

State Playing Catch-Up As Drug Makers Tweak Ingredients

Packages can be as cheap as $10 and authorities say the drugs can cause users to behave in bizarre and dangerous ways.
3, 2013

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says the state’s crackdown on synthetic drugs is being thwarted by chemical tweaking of the drugs to keep them legal.

Record-High Land Prices Challenge Aspiring Farmers

farm pic
Farming is booming right now. That's good news for established farmers. But those who aspire to get into the industry are challenged with record-high land prices.
3, 2013

Agriculture experts say farming is in a “golden age.” That’s good news for established farmers. But aspiring farmers face a difficult challenge: record-high land prices.