WOSU News Archives For May 2013

Collapse Raises Concerns About Ohio Bridge Safety

25, 2013

Ohio has 278 bridges similar to the one that collapsed in Washington this week, sending cars and people into the water below.

71 Train-Vehicle Crashes In Ohio Last Year

25, 2013

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio says there were 71 train-vehicle crashes last year, down from 112 in 2003.

Ohio Scout Leaders Urged Vote To End Ban On Openly Gay Boy Scouts

boy scouts
Delegates from the Simon Kenton Council of Boy Scouts of America were given guidance prior to vote on allowing openly gay scouts
May 24, 2013

With the help of votes from Central Ohio delegates, leaders of the Boy Scouts of America have voted to allow openly gay boys for the first time. Simon Kenton Council spokeswoman, Jen Koma, says local leaders were given guidance prior to the vote.

Ohio’s Junior U.S. Senator Demands IRS Answers

Ohio U.S. Senator Rob Portman demands answers in the IRS investigation.
May 24, 2013

Ohio’s Republican U.S. senator is demanding to know if any disciplinary action has been taken against IRS employees at the agency’s Cincinnati office for targeting conservative groups.

Balloons Launched For Missing Ohio Children

National Missing Children's Day
Ohioans release 690 balloons for the state's missing children.
May 24, 2013

Nearly 700 balloons in honor of the missing children in Ohio were released today at Columbus Preparatory Academy. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine attended the balloon launch and says with the discovery recently in Cleveland of 3 missing women; no one can give up hope to find their loved ones.

Labor Department Pays Ohio’s Nuclear Weapons Workers

department of labor
File photo
24, 2013

70 years ago, Battelle Labs on King Avenue did work to help develop the first atomic bomb. The research proved critical to the American war effort in the mid 1940s. But, the success came at a cost to workers at Battelle and three Ohio nuclear weapons plants. Now, the federal government is paying claims.

Proposal For Medical Pot In Ohio Clears Legal Hurdle

Proponents of the Ohio Cannibis Rights Amendment must first collect roughly 385,000 signatures in 44 of Ohio's 88 counties to get the issue before voters in November.
24, 2013

The Ohio Ballot Board’s approval Thursday sends the issue into its signature-gathering phase, with a 2014 vote most likely.

Ohio Investigation Finds Minuscule Amount Of Possible Voter Fraud

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says an investigation into voter fraud in the 2012 election turned up a possible 135 cases.
23, 2013

Election’s chief Jon Husted says 135 cases have been referred to law enforcement for further investigation.

Man Gets Jail For Stealing Pottery From OSU

Ohio State University sign
A man who pleaded guilty to stealing rare pottery at The Ohio State University gets a sentence of 8 months in jail.
May 23, 2013

A man who admitted stealing rare pottery from Ohio State University and selling it to an antiques dealer has been sentenced to eight months in jail.

Levy Recount For Groveport Madison Schools

A recount will be done next Wednesday for the Groveport Madison school levy that was narrowly defeated.
23, 2013

A recount will get underway next week in Groveport Madison, after a school levy was narrowly defeated earlier this month.