Trial Underway For Pregnant Teacher Fired From Catholic School

File photo(Photo: Archdiocese of Cincinnati)
File photo(Photo: Archdiocese of Cincinnati)

A Catholic teacher who was fired after becoming pregnant through artificial insemination is set to testify on the second day of trial in her lawsuit against a Roman Catholic archdiocese and two of its schools.

Christa Dias sued the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and the schools over her 2010 dismissal, contending they fired her simply because she was pregnant and unmarried.

Her attorney told a federal jury in opening statements yesterday that the firing violated the law prohibiting pregnancy discrimination.

The archdiocese’s attorney told jurors there was no discrimination and that Dias was fired for violating her contract that required her to abide by Catholic doctrine.

  • Marlene Talbott-Green PhD

    It’s not against Catholic doctrine to be pregnant, in fact it is mandatory,
    if you’re married. However, it is against Catholic doctrine to use an artificial means of getting pregnant. Perhaps she didn’t realize that kind of extremity.