Columbus Airport Screener Finds Loaded Handgun

TSA photo of confiscated gun
TSA photo of confiscated gun

A loaded Glock pistol was confiscated Tuesday morning by a TSA screener at Port Columbus. The gun was found in a carry-on bag of a Loveland, Ohio man.

The TSA called airport authority police who responded, confiscated the gun, loaded with nine rounds, and cited the man on a state weapons charge. The man was allowed to catch his flight to Chicago — minus the gun and ammunition.

Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein says the find is not an isolated incident.

“Unfortunately we do find somewhere in the neighborhood of five to seven handguns at checkpoints per day across the country,” Farbstein says.

“People often say that they forgot it was in their carry-on bag and our position on that is, if you are a gun owner, you should know where your handgun is at all times,” Farbstein says.