WOSU News Archives For: May 17, 2013

Muirfield Avoids Controversy; Will Install Temporary Fence

Muirfield Village Golf Course
A look from former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Kent Mercker back yard in Muirfield where a temporary fence will go up sometime this summer. The golf club had considered a permanent fence
17, 2013

Muirfield Village Golf Club has decided to install a temporary fence for the President’s cup this fall instead of a permanent fence it was considering.

Columbus Man Pleads Guilty To Threatening The President

Federal prosecutors gain guilty plea from Columbus man accused of threatening the president
May 17, 2013

A Columbus man accused of posting Twitter threats against president Barack Obama today entered a plea in federal court in Columbus. 36 year old Daniel Temple of Columbus pleaded guilty to one count threatening the president.

Unemployment Ticks Down As Employers Add 7,600 Jobs

Ohio's unemployment rose to 7.0 percent in April. The state's workforce grew by 7,600 workers, while a second survey of workers showed about 7,000 people left the state's unemployment rolls.
May 17, 2013

Ohio employers added some 7,600 jobs last month as 7,000 people left the state’s unemployment rolls.

Conservatives Use Social Issues To Make Case For Pre-K Funding

Finn Laursen of the Christian Educators Association International says studies show three and four year olds who get good quality preschool grow up to have fewer children out of wedlock and more well adjusted parents.
17, 2013

Some conservative Ohio lawmakers and some faith leaders who generally support conservative causes want to put millions of additional dollars into more preschool for at-risk children.