WOSU News Archives For: May 15, 2013

Some Neighbors Unsure If They Could Spot ‘Real’ Trouble

Columbus Poliec
Columbus Police Officer Joseph Valiski patrols parts of the South Side neighborhood where crime is high. Valiski said training, good tips and gut instinct help decide when a situation could be serious.
15, 2013

The story of three Cleveland women and a child held captive for years in the middle of an active neighborhood has many asking why no one knew. Some neighbors say police overlooked problems because it was a poor, troubled area. WOSU visited a couple Columbus neighborhoods to see how residents there watch for unusual activity.

OH House Widens Pool Of 3rd-Grade Reading Teachers

Members of the Ohio House of Representatives have overwhelmingly approved a bill requiring all third graders to be proficient in reading before moving to fourth grade.
15, 2013

The Ohio House has unanimously approved a bill making more teachers eligible to participate in meeting Ohio’s new third-grade reading guarantee.

Families In Ohio Cancer Cluster Suing Whirlpool

good whirlpool logo
A group of Ohio families is suing Whirlpool Corp., of Michigan for allegedly created chemical compounds that caused Ohio children to become ill with cancer.
May 15, 2013

Families whose children have been among dozens sickened in an Ohio cancer cluster are hoping they have pinpointed a cause for the illnesses.

Gunfire Rattles Clintonville

North High Crime scene
Columbus police hold scene of gunfire exchange in Clintonville. Seven officers fired weapons.
15, 2013

Columbus police continue to investigate this morning’s dramatic shoot-out in Clintonville. A murder suspect and a woman were killed; two police officers were hurt. The shooting sprayed bullets around the normally quiet neighborhood.

Smelly Flower Returns To OSU Greenhouse

Titan Arum flower
The Titan Arum flower commonly known as the Corpse Flower is in bloom at the OSU Biological Sciences Greenhouse Facility.
15, 2013

Two years after its stinking debut, Ohio State’s first Titan Arum plant is back in bloom at the Biological Sciences Greenhouse Facility. The plant is better known as a Corpse Flower because of its offensive smell.

IRS Flap Divides Some Ohio Conservatives

Tea Party activists are taking issue with the Ohio Republican Party using the IRS controversy as a fundraising tool.
May 15, 2013

Tea Party activists are taking issue with the Ohio Republican Party using the IRS controversy as a fundraising tool.

Suspect And Another Person Dead, Two Officers Injured In Shootout

North High Street coffee shop is part of crime scene while police investigate shootings. Two suspects, a man and woman, were killed in an exchange of gunfire with police before dawn on Wednesday.
15, 2013

Two homicide suspects are reported dead and a police officer is hospitalized after a predawn shootout in North Columbus.