Local Banks Prepare For Possible Cyber Attack From ‘Anonymous’

File photo(Photo: Flickr)
File photo(Photo: Flickr)

Local banks spent much of today bracing for a possible cyber threat.

A post on the Web site Pastebin claiming to be from the hacker collective group Anonymous said activists were starting “OpUSA” today. It threatens to shut down the Web sites of many of the nation’s top banks and federal government agencies including the White House.

James Thurston with the Ohio Bankers League doubted the attack would expose any customer information, but he says frozen bank Web sites would make life harder for customers.

“Your average customer, trying to get online and do some online banking or that kind of thing, will not be able to access the bank’s online platfor,” Thurston says.

The post taking credit for the cyber attack says it follows war crimes committed by the U.S. overseas and against its own people.

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    Way too vague a reason to be Anonymous. This is probably China, N. Korea, Iran, or some other hater country just pretending