WOSU News Archives For: May 7, 2013

Ohio Gambling Revenues Drop In April

Revenues fell from March to April in all four of Ohio's gambling casinos. Experts says March is traditionally a good month for casino revenues.
7, 2013

Across the state gambling revenues are up over the beginning of the year but dropped in April.

Local Banks Prepare For Possible Cyber Attack From ‘Anonymous’

File photo
7, 2013

A post claiming to be from the hacker collective group Anonymous threatened to shut down the Web sites of many of the nation’s top banks and several federal government agencies

Cry For Help Led To Freedom For Missing Women In Cleveland

The home in Cleveland where three young women who had been missing for 9 to 11 years were found on Monday.
7, 2013

Neighbors heard a woman desperately shouting for help from inside a home. After a man helped her get out, authorities discovered that Amanda Berry and two other young women who had been missing for between 9 and 11 years had been inside the house. Three men have been arrested.

Rift In Ohio GOP Continues To Grow

The rift between the Ohio GOP and more conservative groups like the Ohio Liberty Coalition has some on the far-right of the party threatening to leave the GOP.
May 7, 2013

The rift among Republicans over the Ohio GOP’s stance on major issues and its support of Gov. John Kasich is starting to look like a serious split. And some Republicans say they’re ready to leave the party.

Shortage Of Trades Workers Feared In Ohio

Demonstration of exothermic welding
Welding instructor Terry Hassell with students
7, 2013

Experts predict Ohio soon could face a shortage of skilled trades workers. The reasons: electricians, plumbers and others are retiring, and fewer young people are choosing the skilled trades as a career. Educators and labor unions are trying to get younger workers to consider careers using their hands.