WOSU News Archives For: April 18, 2013

Scotts Fertilizer Officials Say Their Chemicals Are Safer

Scotts Miracle Gro Plant
Rachel Markin has a clear view of the Scotts Miracle Gro Plant from her front porch. Markin said she has seen fires at the plant.
18, 2013

Neighbors of the huge Scotts fertilizer plant in Marysville likely paid close attention to reports of the deadly Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman Supports Fired Watterson Teacher

Carla Hale Final
Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman says the Catholic Diocese should reconsider its decision to fire gay Watterson High School teacher Carla Hale.
18, 2013

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman today voiced his support for fired Watterson High School teacher Carla Hale. The 57-year old physical education teacher says she was fired from the Catholic high school school because she is in a same sex relationship.

Ohio House Vote Nears On Sex-Ed Restriction

ohio statehouse 2
Members of the Ohio House are poised to vote on a abstinence only sex education amendment inserted in their version of the state budget.
18, 2013

A pro-abstinence sex education amendment inserted into Ohio’s state budget appears headed to a floor vote Thursday in the Ohio House.

Boston Marathon Explosions: Thursday’s Developments

Outside Boston University's Marsh Chapel Wednesday, friends gathered to remember graduate student Lingzi Lu. She was one of the three people killed in Monday's bombings at the Boston Marathon.
18, 2013

Clues are still being sifted — most notably, perhaps, from video that shows a man setting down a bag and leaving the scene. No arrests have been made. Thursday morning, President Obama is at an interfaith service in Boston where the victims will be remembered.

Texas Fertilizer Plant Blast Killed Several, Injured Dozens

Remains of a fertilizer plant in West, Texas, were still burning early Thursday after an explosion there Wednesday evening.
18, 2013

As the day dawned, officials said an estimated 5 to 15 people were killed and more than 160 were wounded. It was feared those numbers might go higher. The cause of the fire that led to the explosion at a plant near Waco is under investigation.

OSU Oval “Walk Zone” Official; Only Pedestrians Allowed

Students walk on Ohio State University's Oval.
Students walk on Ohio State University's Oval, which is now a walk zone.
18, 2013

The Oval at Ohio State University is now designated as a “walk zone.” That means only pedestrians can cross the Oval; riding bicycles or skateboards is prohibited. The new rule took effect Wednesday.

Kasich Gets Second-Straight Positive Approval Rating

The poll from Quinnipiac Universeity says 52 percent of Ohio voters approve of Kasich’s job performance, compared to 34 percent disapproval.
April 18, 2013

A new independent poll says a majority of Ohio voters approve of Gov. John Kasich’s job performance. it also says Kasich holds a commanding lead over Democrats likely to challenge him in 2014.

Watterson Teacher Wants Job Back: “That’s All I’m Hoping For”

Carla Hale
Carla Hale said she was fired from Bishop Watterson High School because she is gay. Hale worked at the school as a health and physical education teacher for nearly 20 years.
18, 2013

City officials say the Columbus Diocese could have violated a Columbus ordinance that protects employees from discrimination when it fired a gay teacher for her sexuality. WOSU reports city law does not exempt religious employers from discriminatory practices.

Proposed School Amendment Galvanizes Opponents In Columbus

Gresham Leads Chant
Ohio Organizing Collaborative spokesman Sam Gresham (tan jacket) leads group opposed to possible outside takeover of Columbus Schools leadership.
18, 2013

A possible take-over of the Columbus City Schools has galvanized opposition. A group called the Ohio Organizing Collaborative says it will lobby, protest, and possibly litigate to keep a school board elected by district voters.