WOSU News Archives For: April 4, 2013

Poor Ohioans Jailed For Non-Payment Of Court Fines

The Ohio ACLU accuses some municipal and mayor's courts of not following state law by denying defendants' right to a hearing to determine whether they're financially able to pay fines.
4, 2013

The Ohio ACLU said some Ohioans are being wrongfully jailed because they’re too poor to pay court-imposed fines. WOSU reports seven courts received letters Thursday detailing the allegations.

Plain Dealer Cuts Home Delivery To Three Days A Week

The Cleveland Plain Dealer
Cleveland Plain Dealer reduces daily home delivery to 3 days a week.
4, 2013

The Cleveland Plain Dealer announces it will reduce its daily newspaper home delivery to three days a week.

Columbus City Schools Cited In New Financial Audit

April 4, 2013

State Auditor David Yost says the Columbus City Schools failed to account for $28,000 in receipts at five district schools.The financial audit is independent of an investigation into alleged manipulation of attendance and other data. But, one of the findings in the financial audit links directly to that ongoing inquiry.

Ohio Man Sentenced To Death For Craigslist Plot

Convicted killer Richard Beasley gets the death sentence for the "Craiglist" killings.
April 4, 2013

A self-styled street preacher who teamed up with a high school student in a deadly plot to lure men with bogus Craigslist job offers has been sentenced to death.

Push For Increased Monitoring Of Radioactive Waste In Landfills

Recently, Governor Kasich included a provision in his budget bill that will require gas drillers to test their solid waste for radiation before it gets shipped off to landfills.
4, 2013

The natural gas drilling technique known as fracking has been vilified for the millions of gallons of fresh water it uses, and the amount of waste water it produces. But drilling also generates leftover dirt, rocks, and mud that gets trucked off to landfills.