Dewine Wants Private Employer Exemption For Contraceptive Coverage

Ohio's Attorney General Mike DeWine(Photo: WOSU Archive)
Ohio's Attorney General Mike DeWine(Photo: WOSU Archive)

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has joined an effort to implore the Obama administration to exempt private employers from having to provide contraceptive coverage if they have religious objections.

DeWine signed a letter this week to the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The letter urges that an exemption to the coverage mandate for certain nonprofit religious groups be broadened to include private employers who object to contraception for religious reasons.

DeWine said Friday that some private employers are “being forced to provide insurance coverage that violates their religious beliefs.”

He pointed to the morning-after pill, for example, which critics say are abortive.

The move drew criticism from pro-abortion groups who say DeWine is misusing his position to interfere with women’s private medical decisions.