WOSU News Archives For: February 21, 2013

Mayor Coleman Proposes “Significant Changes” To City Schools

Michael Coleman
Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman makes education the focus of his 14th State of the City address.
21, 2013

As anticipated, Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman made education the highpoint of his 14th state of the city address at South High School. WOSU reports the mayor calls for “significant” change.

New Albany Doc Pleads Not Guilty In Pregnant Woman’s Death

Dr. Ali Salim pleads not guilty to charges he killed Deanna Ballman and her unborn baby last summer.
February 21, 2013

A New Albany doctor charged with raping and killing a pregnant woman has pleaded not guilty.

Ohio Lawmakers Push Bill Addressing Elder Abuse

Ohio lawmakers and the Attorney General call for stronger laws against abuse of the elderly.
21, 2013

Proposed Ohio legislation would add bankers, pharmacists and county humane society agents to the list of people required under law to report suspected elder abuse.

Attendance ‘Scrubbing’ Tempts Low-Ranked Schools

School administrators around the country fall victim to the temptation of changing student data to achieve better performance grades.
21, 2013

When it involves fixing data, it’s called “scrubbing.” And it’s rife with temptations: rosier district report cards, added funding and sometimes employee bonuses when performance improves.

Mayor Michael Coleman Expected To Talk Schools In State Of City

Mayor Michael Coleman tonight is expected to talk about education in his State of the City address at South High School.
February 21, 2013

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman tonight is expected to use part of his annual State of the City address to talk education. A commission he appointed in December, which has the backing of major companies , is expected to make a series of recommendations for Columbus City Schools.

South Side Renewal Afoot After 2012 State Of City Address Promise

Innis Avenue's William Duncan (in right picture) stands near his newly refurbished home. Duncan purchased the home a year ago. He received a $15,000 grant to fix up the home's exterior as part of the city's South Side renewal initiative .
21, 2013

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman will make his annual state of the city address this evening at South High School. The event’s location is not far from some substantial improvements being made to the city’s South Side neighborhood, a proposal made in last year’s address.