Couple Plans To Rehab ‘Spooky’ House In Worthington

Worthington's 'Spooky House' is getting a make-over(Photo: Flickr)
Worthington's 'Spooky House' is getting a make-over(Photo: Flickr)

An empty house in suburban Columbus where a “ghost-hunting” teen was shot over six years ago is finally getting a makeover.

A couple plans to fix up the house after it sold for $39,000 last month at a sheriff’s auction.

The home in Worthington is known as the “spooky house.”

Back in 2006, the home’s former owner shot at three girls who went to the house on a ghost hunt, hitting one of the girls in the head.

The 17-year-old survived, and the home’s owner was convicted in the shooting and sentenced to prison. He has said he didn’t mean to hurt anyone but considered the girls trespassers for sneaking around outside.

Neighbors say they’re happy the house will be fixed up.

  • Docile Jim Brady

    He perhaps is correct re the “trespass” allegation , albeit he was NOT justified to shoot at them given the circumstances of the trespass .

    So sad that such tragedies (1) the ♀s thinking it was ok to harass , and (2) the shooting trauma to one of the girls ; occurred in the first place .