Fees For Ohio State Parking Permits And Hourly Parking Increasing

One of OSU's many parking facilities.(Photo: TheeErin)
One of OSU's many parking facilities.(Photo: TheeErin)

The private operator of Ohio State University parking operations has increased hourly rates at the 18 campus parking garages. The higher parking garage rates are the first of more planned changes.

CampusParc took over day-to-day parking operations at OSU last fall after its parent company QIC Corporation of Australia paid the university nearly a half-billion dollars. CampusParc President Sarah Blouch says hourly rates at all 18 campus garages were increased last month.

“QIC paid for the system; there are some expectations on revenue,” Blouch says.

For short term parking, rates were boosted by 50 percent or more, depending on length of stay. The charge is capped at $10 when a car is parked five hours or longer. Blouch says for those drivers CampusParc offers other options.

“The majority of the customers that come are short term parkers. Those who stay all day, there’s a lot of other options available to them. If they’re student, faculty, or staff or frequent guests, they can get a parking pass, prepaid, so that they don’t have to pay that daily rate.”

CampusParc says it anticipates a 5 and half percent increase in 2014 for student, faculty and staff parking permits.

Currently OSU has 50-thousand active parking permits.

  • Green

    What do we expect from privitization – that they are going to make it more affordable to study or do business at the OSU?

  • Joe

    The whole thing is criminal. I find it disgusting that a STATE institution that has been built on STATE tax dollars sells to a private company that is based overseas and is now reaping the profits from students/staff/faculty that study and work for a STATE institution. Gee and the whole board are crooked for doing this.

  • cosmonot1

    What? You don’t believe that Gordon Gee should be the highest paid public university pres in the country? The man has the midas touch. I will say this, as a transplant from another region of the country; there are things endemic to here that perpetuate poverty and inequity. Unfortunately the mass of people that are affected lack an understanding of what is happening Turn off your tv’s for a couple of weeks.