WOSU News Archives For: February 14, 2013

Columbus Zoo Names New Chief Executive

Entrance to the Columbus Zoo
February 14, 2013

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has a new boss. Tom Stalf is the new President and Chief Executive Officer. He joined the zoo in 2010 and served as interim CEO since last August.

Ohio Wants Doctors At Executions

Ohio prison agency wants doctors or other medical personnel to attend executions to ensure humane conditions.
14, 2013

Ohio’s prison agency says it wants doctors or other medical professionals to assist with executions, saying it will help promote humane procedures.

Prosecutors Push Changes To Ohio Death Penalty Law

Justice Scales
The Ohio Supreme Court continues to examine the way the state administers the death penalty.
14, 2013

The committee reviewing Ohio’s death penalty law is considering a proposal to require lawyers representing death penalty clients to extensively document the amount of time they spend on their cases.

Ohio Man Who Died In Pond Rescue Hailed As Hero

The Eastside pond from which 30-year old James Jenkins died trying to save 5-year old Elijah Walker.
February 14, 2013

Columbus police are providing a funeral escort for an Eastside man who died trying to save a child from an icy pond last week.

Same-Sex Couples To Protest At Franklin Co. Court House

gay flag
Supporters of gay marriage want a measure on the 2013 Ohio ballot repealing the 2004 ban on gay marriage.
14, 2013

Same-sex couples say they will protest at the Franklin County court house on Valentine’s Day. It’s part of a nationwide effort to achieve the right for same-sex couples to marry.

Cardinal Health To Acquire AssuraMed For $2.07 Billion

News of the announcement increased Cardinal shares by nearly two percent Thursday morning.
14, 2013

Dublin-based Cardinal Health says it plans to acquire one of the nation’s largest suppliers of home-based medical supplies.

Columbus Man Charged After Reportedly Admitting To Stabbing Wife

The alleged attack happened in a suburban neighborhood near the intersection of Morse Road and Cleveland Avenue.
14, 2013

Police say they are trying to determine why a 72-year-old Columbus man fatally stabbed his wife and then tried to cut his own throat.

Judge Drops Assault Charge Against Ohio Deputy

A Franklin County judge dismisses an assault charge against a deputy.
14, 2013

A central Ohio judge has dismissed an assault charge against a deputy sheriff accused of punching a handcuffed inmate after prosecutors failed to share evidence with the man’s attorney.

OSU Honors Legendary Football Coach Woody Hayes

The new statue sits outside the Woody Hayes Athletic Center on the Ohio State University campus.
14, 2013

OSU has unveiled a statue to commemorate the 100th birthday of legendary coach Woody Hayes. For a look back at the controversial coach’s legacy, WOSU spoke with a former assistant coach and long-time friend of Hayes.

More Insured Patients Leading To New Kind Of Care

Michelle Mingle gets an examination by Nurse Practitioner Margaret Graham at the Ohio State Total Health and Wellness Clinic at Hospital East.
14, 2013

A major strategy of the new federal healthcare law is to provide insurance for low income people. The uninsured tend to delay getting care and when they do, they use the emergency room. But the strategy has a problem, adding more people to the insurance roles means we need more primary care providers.