Continued Debate On Budget Brings Same Agruments

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File photo(Photo: Flickr)
File photo(Photo: Flickr)

Democrats in the Ohio House of Representatives are ripping the massive tax cut and tax shift proposal from Republican Governor John Kasich.

Monday was the first day of legislative hearings on the proposed $63 billion budget for the two-year period beginning July 1.

The budget contains a 20 percent cut to the state income tax, while increasing sales tax revenue by applying the tax to several new sectors and services such as haircuts and legal fees. Gov. Kasich calls it a $1.3 billion overall tax cut, while a liberal think tank has said the shift would increase the overall tax burden of many Ohioans, including the poor.

“Everywhere I go, I can’t get away from these taxes. I can’t leave the state because if I try to, (the state) will tax the travel agent who gets me out of here and the agent that gets me a ticket back,” said Dem. State Rep. Dan Ramos.

The plan has the backing of most Republicans and small businesses, which would benefit from a lower income tax. Small business lobbyist Roger Geiger.

“The more money you put in the pockets of small business owners and entrepreneurs, the more they’re willing to expand their business,” said small business lobbyist Roger Geiger.

But Geiger says his industry would object to the state requiring new jobs at businesses receiving tax cuts.

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  • ABE12

    ‘Small business lobbyist Roger Geiger’ (how small & how large?) knows nothin’ about nothin’. Original Reaganomics, even more radicalized by 21st century Confederate Republicans and systematic Gray plutocratic corporate profligacy, demonstrate time-after-time-after-time its incredible blunders, debacles and ongoing death-blows to communities’, states’ and this nation’s “general Welfare” (read U.S. Constitution Preamble).

    Apparently, our part-time free press and the people of Ohio readily forget former Republican Governor Taft’s copycat tax cuts of approximately 30% over 3-years (see results of then NJ Republican Gov. Christine Todd Whitman’s same tactic).

    As we should have learned long ago, it was the Clinton-Gore American Renaissance that produced 22-million jobs throughout this nation. Republican governors such as Taft and Whitman chose to squander increasing state revenues through charitable corporate tax cuts/giveaways, less monitoring and further deregulation, income tax cuts…Investments in the people—education, public welfare-services, infrastructure & transport, communities’ health and quality-of-life—have degenerated. The Reagan Era’s New Federalism promised “devolution” of government to the states, counties, cities/towns. Unfortunately, the power to govern quickly became high-principal over the process of governing. Toward that end, both responsibility and accountability are now obsolescent.

    The GOP mantra: “No New Taxes” has regressed to “No Tax”!?!

    Here we are, with a little more detail (say a fawning media), a mumbo-jumbo
    poach consisting of 20% income tax cut, selected sales tax hikes, rising fees, et cetera, et cetera… Same old, same old. Truth be told. Never.