Gov. Kasich’s Budget Plan Outlines Latest Tax Reform

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Ohio Governor John Kasich unveils a new two-year state budget later today.(Photo: Flickr)
Ohio Governor John Kasich unveils a new two-year state budget later today.(Photo: Flickr)

Gov. John Kasich unveils his second budget this afternoon.

The school funding formula that the governor revealed last week, with $7.4 billion in K-12 spending in the first year and $7.7 billion in the second, is one big part of the budget. Another is what budget director Tim Keen calls significant tax reform specifically aimed at the income tax.

“The governor has said that the severance tax will be part of our broader tax reform proposal that we are putting forward.” Says Keen “But there is more to it than just the severance tax?” Keen: “It is a much broader tax reform proposal than just the severance tax.”

It’s also expected the governor will expand Medicaid to cover people up to 138% of the federal poverty level, an idea with broad support but big concern among some conservatives.

  • ABE12

    Presumably, not one Ohio Media organization has, nor is willing to disclose to the public, a complete text of Governor John Kasich’s reported School-Funding Plan! Where is the document? Should for some dubious reason(s), it is unavailable, why so, and is anyone requesting and demanding immediate release? Also, why no printed transcript of the Online Town Hall Meeting
    reportedly “unveil[ing] ed. plan”, eh? Add to these, Kasich’s Proposed Budget Plan, of which the public are being offered further scant information by our working free press and more disrespectful unreality from the Governor’s
    executive fortress.

    Are Ohio Media editors, reporters listening? Reading? Step Up Now.
    Do Your Jobs. Demand of Government Officials, and Demand of Yourselves,
    Full Disclosure of Public Documents to All Publics. This, of course, is best
    accomplished via LINKING.