WOSU News Archives For: January 15, 2013

Ohio Education Board OK’s Seclusion Room Policy

A seclusion room used in a program for children with emotional disturbances in the Logan-Hocking school district has padding on the floor and in a corner.
15, 2013

Ohio schools’ now have a set of guidelines to follow when it comes to their use of seclusion rooms and restraints. The State Board of Education passed a policy regulating seclusion and restraint at their board meeting Tuesday. Seclusion rooms are small rooms used to isolate students, and restraints are when a student is held [...]

New ODOT Website Helps Show The Way

ODOT traffic center ohgo-dot-com
Information gathered at ODOT's traffic control center will automatically appear on its new website.
15, 2013

The Ohio Department of Transportation has unveiled a new web tool to help drivers avoid traffic jams and road closures.

Ohio AG Advises Employers About Background Checks

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says new law may shield important information on a criminal background check of potential employees.
15, 2013

The Ohio Attorney General is advising employers about limits to the information the state provides through criminal background checks.

Ohio Senate Dems Tackle Guns, Ballot Access, Economy

ohio statehouse 2
Ohio Senate Democrats plan to tackle a variety of issues including gun control and ballot access.
15, 2013

Democrats in the Ohio Senate say they’ll work this session on bills to curb gun violence, improve ballot access and support healthy, financially stable families.

Nine Cow Carcasses Found In East Columbus

The nine calf carcasses were found near the intersection of Agler and Sunbury Roads.
15, 2013

State agriculture officials are looking into what they call a strange discovery of nine cow carcasses found early Tuesday.

Franklin County Turns To Veterans For Disaster Response

Darrell Koerber is deputy director of Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security.
15, 2013

The county is using a federal grant to train veterans in disaster psychology, urban rescue, first-aid, and fire safety.

Education Bill Includes Teacher Merit Pay, More Details To Come

Inside My Classroom
Gov. Kasich says the highly-anticipated education proposal will be unveiled before the end of the month.
15, 2013

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says his upcoming education bill will give school districts the ability to design programs that pay bonuses to teachers for high student performance.

New NHL Deal Has “Marginal” Benefits For Blue Jackets

Columbus Blue Jackets
Blue Jackets players practice last week before ratifying a new labor agreement that will put them back on the ice Saturday. Experts say the new deal will have marginal benefits for the Jackets.
15, 2013

After a four-month lock-out, the Columbus Blue Jackets begin their season Saturday night in Nashville against the Predators. Many hockey fans hope the new labor agreement will help teams like Columbus and Nashville become more competitive. But as WOSU reports, relief for small market franchises, like the Jackets, will be minimal.