WOSU News Archives For: January 14, 2013

Boehner: GOP Will Pass ‘Responsible’ Debt Bill

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Southwest Ohio Republican John Boehner says the house will raise the debt cap but insist Democrats accept spending controls.
14, 2013

Speaker John Boehner says the GOP-controlled House will “do its job” and pass legislation to lift the nation’s borrowing cap and keep the government running, but will insist that Democrats accept new spending controls.

Angry Customers Oppose Ohio Utility Reimbursement

Angry Ohio A-E-P customers oppose picking up $62 million bill for summer storm damage.
January 14, 2013

American Electric Power is facing opposition from around the state to the utility’s request to make its Ohio customers pick up a $62 million tab for repairs from last summer’s severe storms.

Wastewater Storage Plan On Hold

fracking well
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14, 2013

A Texas-based company wants to use river barges to move its potentially toxic wastewater in Ohio, but federal officials must first decide whether it’s safe.

Longaberger To Sell Controlling Interest To Texas Company

Longaberger is perhaps best known for its basket-shaped corporate headquarters in Licking County.
14, 2013

A Texas company plans to acquire a controlling stake in one of Central Ohio’s most well-known companies that’s seen sales and employment dip significantly over the past decade.

When A Drilling Lease Goes Wrong

Landowner Harry Boyd says his arbitration case with an oil and gas company is still not resolved after five years.
January 14, 2013

Rich deposits of natural gas buried deep beneath Ohio have brought a flurry of companies to the state to lease up plots of land to drill for the resource. The landowners stand to gain thousands in upfront payments, but can encounter a world of frustration if they don’t understand all the terms of those lease agreements.

New Store Becomes Resource For Urban Farmers

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Shawn Fiegelist opened the City Folks Farm Shop last year after growing frustrated with a lack of farm supplies inside the city.
14, 2013

In cities around the country, residents are planting crops on rooftops, on abandoned elevated train tracks, in vacant lots and, of course, backyards. On Columbus’s north side, a new store has become a resource for urban farmers.