WOSU News Archives For: December 10, 2012

Attorney General Says Ohio Child Wefare System Needs Upgrade

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine says children are often returned to their biological parents when they should be candidates for permanent adoption.
December 10, 2012

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has released the results of a year-long investigation into the state of the child welfare system in Ohio.

Man, Wife Dead After Apparent Murder Suicide At Cleveland Airport

The shooting happened Sunday morning in a parking near Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.
10, 2012

Authorities in Cleveland say a man fatally shot his airport-security-officer wife, fired at a second person, and then killed himself at an off-site airport employee parking lot.

State School Board Continues Debate On Seclusion Rooms

A seclusion room at Beatty Park Elementary School in Columbus has a peephole in the door.
10, 2012

An investigation by Ohio public radio stations and the Columbus Dispatch showed the state does not have any policy regarding the use of seclusion rooms in schools, and many school misuse or overuse the rooms.

Conversations About Faith with Fred Andrle

Fred Andrle
Fred Andrle hosts Conversations About Faith
December 10, 2012

This hour-long radio presentation, Conversations about Faith, explores several of the many dimensions of religious faith in America.

Ohioans Return To Home Country On Medical Mission

A damaged armored vehicle belonging to the Syrian army comes to rest in a street in Homs earlier this year.
10, 2012

Some Ohio medical professionals recently put their training to the test in the middle of one of the world’s hottest war zones: Syria.

Political Campaigns May Never End

Tax Cuts Postcard
Campaign volunteers continue to push for their issues.
10, 2012

Six weeks after Ohio helped re-elect President Obama, the campaign supporting and opposing his policies continues. Their current target is negotiations over how to avoid automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. Some say campaigning should end on Election day, while others say engaged citizens are what democracy is all about.