Seminar Teaches Political Civility To Ohio Lawmakers

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File photo(Photo: Flickr)
File photo(Photo: Flickr)

A lot of people say politics has gotten too bitter and disrespectful. In a recent poll, 83 percent of respondents said it’s an obstacle to problem-solving.

That’s why a bi-partisan group of political leaders is calling for a toning-down of political rhetoric. The National Institute for Civil Discourse, along with the Council of State Governments, on Thursday sponsored a seminar on that idea in Columbus for Ohio lawmakers. It’s the first of its kind in the nation.

Click the play button above for a full report from Statehouse correspondent Bill Cohen.

  • David Loboy

    Since there’s ‘no real truth’, why put out this article or bother debating at all? I’m sad to say most of your listeners are plenty deranged enough to believe such obviously false claptrap. The future, however, will look upon you with scorn, derision, and pity.