Whitehall Police Release More Details Of Cruiser, Auto Crash

Whitehall police have released more details about Friday morning’s pre-dawn traffic accident between a Columbus resident and an on-duty Whitehall patrolman.

Whitehall police have identified the driver who was killed when his car collided with a city police cruiser on an emergency run. 78-year-old Vernon Lightle of Columbus died in the accident.

The driver of the cruiser, Whitehall police officer Enrique Ortega is hospitalized in serious condition with broken bones and internal injuries. Ortega was on his way to assist other officers who were pursuing a suspect.

  • Badd A$$ Lawyer

    This is why we MUST get these retarded under schooled officers from Whitehall off the streets. Just like their kangaroo court with a little dumb guy as a prosecutor who WILL and DOES violate everybody’s rights. People in greater Whitehall do not have a way to pay lawyers to go after prosecutors in the right way. I’m not from Whitehall, where I come from we have money and lawyers and we intend to bring the Whitehall kangaroo court and everybody involved to justice once and for all. I do not wish death on anybody and I honestly hope this officer recovers but I do hope the city looses their a$$ in the civil suit. No officer headed to back up other officers has any reason to be going at that rate of speed, no excuses, none. a man is dead and all they can do is act like it’s the fault of the suspect. Whitehall is in serious need of some adjustments to their criminal staff. I’d be the one to make this happen. I promise you.