WOSU News Archives For: November 28, 2012

10 Charged With Cheating At New Columbus Casino

Roulette wheel
Ten people are indicted for cheating at Columbus' recently opened casino.
November 28, 2012

Ohio authorities say 10 people have been charged with cheating at the new Columbus casino, including some defendants who continued even after they were warned to stop.

Backer Of ‘Heartbeat’ Bill Wants To Force Vote

An anti-abortion advocate wants to force a vote on the 'heartbeat' bill in the Ohio Senate.
28, 2012

The chief advocate of a blocked Ohio bill that would impose the tightest abortion restriction in the nation vowed Wednesday to use a legislative maneuver to try to force a vote before year’s end despite the Senate president’s opposition.

Ohio Justices Suspend Lawyer In OSU-NCAA Tattoo Case

OSU football team inside of the stadium
Ohio Supreme Court suspends law license of Columbus attorney who sent emails to former OSU football coach Jim Tressel about the sale of memorabilia for tattoos.
28, 2012

The Ohio Supreme Court has suspended for a year the law license of an attorney whose emails to Ohio State University’s former football coach triggered an ongoing scandal and NCAA investigation that cost the coach his job.

Ohio Near Bottom For African American High School Grad Rates

School Books Stacked
Ohio's high school graduation rate for African American students stands near the bottom.
28, 2012

New data from the federal government puts Ohio in the middle of the pack when it comes to high school graduation rates. However, a demographic breakdown of the data shows Ohio is failing certain populations.

Honda Responds To New Entries In Midsize Sedans

Honda associate Jeff Tomko walks alongside assembly line at Honda's Marysville plant
28, 2012

30 years ago this month, Honda became the first Japanese auto-maker to start production on U.S. soil. Its conversion of an Ohio cornfield into a factory chugging out waves of Honda Accords was seen as both revolutionary and foolhardy. Honda has survived and prospered, but lately it has come under increasing pressure in a tightening race for the top slot in midsize sedans.