WOSU News Archives For: November 15, 2012

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman Unveils $766-Million Budget Plan

Mayor Coleman says his 2013 budget blueprint will provide stability for the city.
15, 2012

Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman laid out his blueprint for the next city budget. The longtime democratic mayor says the bulk of the 766-million dollar spending plan will go toward the city’s police and fire divisions.

OSU Announces “Socially Responsible” Apparel Deal

Under the new agreement, Michigan-based J.America will make and distribute apparel with an $85 million guarantee to OSU over 10 years. Fanatics' guarantee for retail is $12 million over the same period.
November 15, 2012

The agreement announced Thursday means all OSU apparel outside of the school’s deal with Nike will be made by manufacturer J. America and sold by retailer Fanatics.

Long-Time Coach Accused Of Videotaping Players In Showers

46-year-old Scott D. Studer was a long-time boys basketball coach at Jackson High School in Stark County.
15, 2012

A basketball coach from Jackson High School near Canton area faces charges that he hid cameras in a locker room and videotaped nude boys over an eight-year period.

Shigella Cases Still Increasing In Columbus

File photo
15, 2012

Columbus health officials continue to struggle with the bacterial outbreak that’s sickened hundreds of children.

Columbus Struggling With Bus Driver Shortage

Columbus School Driver Shortage
Columbus City Schools contracts with some private bus companies, including First Student.
15, 2012

Three months into the school year, Columbus City Schools continues to struggle getting students to class and home again. Parents complain that school buses often are late, or never come at all.

House Committee Approves Measure To Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

Testimony in hrg room
Ohio House members on the Health and Aging Committee listen to morning testimony on a bill that could cut off family planning funding to Planned Parenthood.
15, 2012

The bill would send Planned Parenthood to the back of the line for public family-planning money.