WOSU News Archives For: November 14, 2012

Study: Excellent Leadership Key To Success In High-Poverty Schools

Eastmoor Academy
Eastmoor Academy principal Alesia Gillison said setting expectations of success for poor students is paramount to breaking the poverty cycle.
14, 2012

State education leaders say schools with high poverty rates can have excellent students. A study released Wednesday found strong leadership is key to breaking the cycle and the stereotypes.

Abercrombie Shares Jump After Positive Earnings Report

The strong quarterly performance is welcome news as the retailer has been struggling to sell its preppy line of jeans and T-shirts.
14, 2012

The teen retailer reported third-quarter sales of $1.2 billion, about $100 million higher than the same quarter last year.

Judge Demands New Order On Provisional Ballots

Federal judge Algenon Marbley says Secretary of State Jon Husted's near-Election Day directive violated a previous court ruling and state law.
November 14, 2012

A federal judge has ordered the state’s election chief not to reject certain provisional ballots and come up with a new directive regarding the ballots.

Fact Check: How Much Has Drilling Technology Changed?

fracking well
Fracking operations like this one have popped up around Ohio in recent years. Emerging technology has helped companies access previously-unattainable oil and gas deposits.
14, 2012

Ohio’s history of oil and gas drilling dates back to the mid-1800s. But the term “fracking” is still relatively new in our vernacular. So how is the drilling and fracking being done today different from the drilling we’re all familiar with?

Auditor: Columbus Schools Changed Grades; Prosecution Likely

The State Auditor suggests some Columbus City Schools' employees could be criminally prosecuted in an investigation into attendance practices.
14, 2012

There are new developments in the Columbus Schools data rigging investigation. State auditor Dave Yost’s office now says criminal charges are likely. And as WOSU reports, the probe has expanded to more than attendance data.