WOSU News Archives For: November 9, 2012

Columbus Remembers Federal Judge Robert M. Duncan

A native of Urbana, Ohio, Robert M. Duncan was the first African- American elected to the Franklin County Municipal Court and the Ohio Supreme Court.
November 9, 2012

Civic leaders, friends, and acquaintances turned out Friday afternoon to remember former federal district court judge Robert M. Duncan. Judge Duncan died earlier this month at age 85. He served the city and state’s legal community for five decades and is remembered for his 1977 landmark decision ordering the desegregation of Columbus City Schools.

It’s Endgame For Political Yard Signs And Candidate Mailers

political signs
Boxes and plastic bags full of dated 2012 political yard signs and mailers are stacked against wall of Republican party headquarters on East Gay Street. The material will be recycled.
9, 2012

Its post-election time. Major parties are cleaning up. Cleaning up the dated yard signs and campaign literature. Even as campaigns evolve to e-mail, social media sites, mp3 files, and google ads, candidates and parties still use yard signs and mailers to get the name of their candidate in front of potential voters.

Entrepreneur Frustrated With Product Begins Making His Own

Tyrone Jackson started selling hot dogs in Nashville. But he says he was troubled that he could not trace the origin of the meat and he didn't know what was in the hot dogs he was selling.
November 9, 2012

Tyrone Jackson is a second-generation street vendor who started his own line of hot dogs after becoming frustrated and concerned with the food he was buying from vendors.

Increasing Talk About Appointing Some Judges

File photo
9, 2012

With this week’s defeat of two incumbent Ohio Supreme Court justices, there’s increasing talk of moving to a system of appointing some judges.

Democrats, Republicans At Odds Over Lame Duck Session

File photo
9, 2012

There’s increasing partisan bickering about whether state lawmakers should address elections reform in the upcoming lame duck session.